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Mediaforta is a quality-first company - selecting the best content creators from its network for each brief. Our effective selection process ensures that you will be working with the top content creators.


Within our network we look for candidates that have a mastery of the required language and who have the necessary specialisations and competencies. We filter the best candidates from the search outcomes.


Personal, in-depth interviews are conducted to review the candidate's specialist areas in detail. We also identify the interests, motivations and personalities of the candidates.


Each candidate gets a number of test projects to complete. The test projects are based on the work the candidate will be doing. These tests allow candidates to demonstrate their knowledge, professionalism and dedication.


Test results are analysed by our content specialists. The client then makes their selection from the top 5% candidates.

Top 5% of content creators

Mediaforta has a unique international network of top content creators. Our network is a ‘home port’ for people with exceptional backgrounds: copywriters, translators, UX writers, video reporters, social media managers, illustrators, designers and more . With its network, its agency and software, Mediaforta assists leading companies, with complete integrity.

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Our international network of top talent means that we are ready to hit the ground running on all your content projects


Writing professional and commercial texts is a discipline in its own right. The texts must be multi-faceted: appealing, persuasive, enticing and to the point. Our skilled writers can produce copy for all your websites, brochures, newsletters, advertisements and business magazines.

Video reporters

Need a short, clever clip for social media or a longer video for your website? Our video reporters record on site, make interviews, do the subtitling and editing so that your video message comes across perfectly.

Social media managers

The social media manager understands the art of building a real community around your brand with the right images and with short, spot-on copy. Working with the other team members, the social media manager crafts client interactions, moderates online responses, and grows a dynamic social media experience.

SEO specialists

Search term optimisation is crucial. Our SEO specialists/SEA specialists adapt the content and the link strategy for your website(s) so your content is more visible to search engines.


Naturally, you can stretch your content by having it translated into different languages to reach even more (potential) customers. We work with qualified, native-language translators and have every translation reviewed by a native-language proofreader.

Content coordinators

The content coordinator is the key figure between the customer and the internal content team. Brief your coordinator about your needs and they will ensure that all the copywriters, translators, proofreaders, video editors, designers and the rest of the team go to work at the optimal time with the right information to deliver your desired result.

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      • Ludovic V.

        Financial copywriter

        Ludovic first worked for 8 years as final editor for the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, followed by 7 years making content for chemical companies, auto makers, retailers and banks. He also previously worked as a freelance editor and final editor for Borgerhoff & Lamberigts publishers but has been working independently as a copywriter since 2018. In more recent years he has specialised in financial subjects and writes for Mediafin (De Tijd - L’Echo), among others. Clients love his easy-reading style and well-informed texts.

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      • Ginny W.

        Fashion journalism

        Ginny has worked as a digital editor, writer and content consultant for 13 years. After studying a degree in Fashion Journalism, she went on to specialise in lifestyle content, in particular travel. During her career she has worked for leading brands, publications and advertising agencies across the globe. She is now freelance, offering copywriting, proofreading and editing services alongside her travel journalism.

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      • Elise V.

        SEO copywriter

        Hey, I’m Elise. I write SEO copy for the food, travel & lifestyle sectors, I translate (FR/EN>NL), and I like to lend my creative brain to whomever wants to put extra sparkle into their narrative. My extensive knowledge of digital marketing gives me an edge when it comes to combining stra-tegic brainstorming and fresh writing. Thanks to my enormous love of language, the texts I pen are persuasive, inspiring and amusing. Personal branding, authenticity, storytelling and creativity are favourite hobbyhorses. In my hands, beautiful tales do last a long time!

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      • Claude

        Translator NL/ FR

        Claude not only translates very varied texts (on sports, energy, financial issues, security) from Dutch into spotless French, he also enjoys fact-checking material as well. This stems from his drive to deliver quality texts, in terms of both content and style. Claude has been working as a freelance translator for more than 15 years.

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      • Gerlinde F.

        Translator NL/DE

        Gerlinde has a degree in economics and a bilingual background (German/Dutch). After 14 years on permanent staff, she struck out on her own in 2007 as an independent adviser (chiefly in sales & marketing) and as a translator/proofreader (NL-DE). Since 2013 Gerlinde has worked as a translator and proofreader for Mediaforta, among other organisations. She translates many mar-keting, commercial and sales-related texts, as well as websites. In addition, Gerlinde has a great deal of experience in the tax, legal, IT, medical and tourism sectors. Apart from German and Dutch, Gerlinde is also fluent in English and French.

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      • Jason H.


        Based in London, Jason is a freelance seafood storyteller. Calling on more than 30 years' experience as a B2B journalist, editor and communications specialist, he writes content on the seafood, aquaculture and fisheries sectors for audiences all over the world. Complementing this work, Jason supports exceptional seafood ventures – large and small – helping them to create and share their stories – reaching the audiences that their actions deserve.

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      • Evi


        Evi writes Dutch-language copy across very diverse topics — from lifestyle and technology to culture. She produces copy in a kaleidoscope of forms: flyers, blogposts, brochures, full web-sites or social media posts. Years of experience help her quickly adopt the right tone of voice for every topic and every client.

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      • Giacomina G.

        Cultural copywriter

        After obtaining her Master's degree at ISTI in 2010, Giacomina began working as a freelance translator and subtitler for a range of clients, including agencies, public and private organisations, film festivals and fellow translators. In 2017, she was asked to write cultural reviews and progres-sively added copywriting to her skills. She enjoys the variety of the topics she deals with on a daily basis, and the constraints inherent to each particular assignment. Finding the right words is the common thread in all of her work.

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      • Valerie Z.

        Translator NL/EN

        From her start as a freelance translator in 2009 when she was still living in the Netherlands, Va-lerie’s client list has included ‘blue-chip’ organisations. After returning to Great Britain in 2013, she lectured in Dutch at Leeds Beckett University for five years. During this time she continued translating while also obtaining her MITI en ISO-17100 certifications. Although her specialisations are on the technical side of translation, her ‘looser’ translations and transcreation assignments win the most praise from clients.

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      • Geert VC

        Financial copywriter

        After a 25-year career at Wolters Kluwer (15 years of which were spent as product manager of training), Geert became a freelance copywriter, final editor and translator in July of 2019, specialising in B2B content in finance, tax, accounting, legal and HSE. He transforms source documents into easy-to-read news and content articles. He puts his expertise with content, and a large network of specialists, to optimum use. At the moment he is working for leading legal offices, publishing houses, accountancy firms, content agencies and translation agencies.

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      • Maïlys Z.


        Maïlys started her career as news and culture journalist at La Libre, where she founded their mu-sic blog. Five years later she left to work at The Voice, during which time she also created content for several brands in the beauty, film and other sectors. She also worked as content manager for different brands and artists. In 2012, she started as news and music journalist at Le Soir, as well as writing on a variety of topics for Flair, La DH and many others. In 2016, she launched Brussels Electronic Marathon, an electronic music festival. In recent years, she has specialised mainly in film, celebrity and music.

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      • Isabelle


        After a Masters in translation from the IULM university of Milan, Isabelle entered the translation world. She has since worked as a translator and proofreader for many different companies and translation agencies. She loves the flexibility and freedom of her job which allow her to frequently stay in London and Milan. In 2015, she started collaborating with the publisher Éditions Nathan to translate books aimed at children. Her tasks involve tracking down the slightest mistake and typo in documents and accurately translating from English and Italian into French in various fields including tourism, cinema, literature, cosmetics, websites and marketing.

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      • Ive V.

        Copywriter & translator

        Multi-faceted. Just call Ive multi-faceted. He kicked off his career in 2000 as a sports journalist at De Morgen. He went on to tread the boards of cultural journalism and art reviewing. For SD Worx he wrote a series of HR articles. And for the medical communications agency Tamara Twist he interviewed oncologists and cancer patients. He also worked for several copywriting agencies. In addition to all that, he translates texts from French to Dutch.

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