How we stand out from the rest

  Agencies In-house Marketplace
Quick to find the right content creator for your brand Fast Slow - Fast
Content for complex subjects High Low Low (Has the knowledge, but is not capable of creating good content) High
Talent level 5% best content creators from our international network Average Low Unsure
Managed services
Okay Okay Okay
Content production knowledge High Average Low High
Own tools ContentRockr Avoid content chaos None None None

Collaborate with the best content creators and content marketers.

Produce outstanding content with our top 5% content creators and content marketers.

  • A content team based on your needs
  • Content creators who know your business
  • Flexible deployments
  • Content for complex subjects (B2B)
  • No surprises
  • Screened, specialised content creators

Dedicated team of content account managers

Development and implementation of your content marketing guided by our in-house content marketing experts. This saves you time, results in excellent content marketing and achieves your objectives.

  • Content marketing expert
  • Save time
  • Work with experts
  • Work with our ContentRockr software platform
  • Hassle-free

Avoid content chaos by using our ContentRockr platform

With our collaboration platform and talent network, the entire content marketing process is streamlined. It enables you to collaborate with different teams rapidly and to produce high-quality content for all your communication channels. You generate more leads, save time and gain the insights you need.

  • Set up a customer-centric content calendar
  • Collaborate with the best content creators
  • Organise the entire editorial process
  • Publish to all your content channels
  • Discover which content projects are successful

We've been working with Mediaforta for years. They produce our annual CENTURY 21 magazine and other publications in a highly professional way. Mediaforta uses its thorough understanding of our business to brainstorm with us and to act as an intelligent sparring partner. Mediaforta isn't just a supplier to us anymore; they have become a partner.

Kim R. COO


Annemie T.

Mediaforta has been providing quality content for our website for years now. Our cooperation runs really smoothly. Everything is always delivered on time. We're happy!



Dorothée Six

We’ve called on Mediaforta for specific digital profiles numerous times at VELUX and we have never been disappointed. Mediaforta does everything possible to send us the right candidate and to keep them up to date with the current trends. We are really pleased with the cooperation.



Mediaforta provided a framework that became the foundation for us really learning to think about the type of content we had to create for specific phases of the buyer journey and for specific personas. In short, thanks to Mediaforta, we now have a tangible tool for designing a very targeted content marketing strategy and for customising it to our target audiences.



Mediaforta helped us to think in a structured way about who our different target groups are and how they differ from each other. In addition, working together went super smoothly, the workshops had a warm and open atmosphere, and they were always available to answer our questions.



Bob Adams

Mediaforta is an extension of our organisation—an extra resource for our department when it comes to content creation, content strategy and publication. They take care of the entire process, from strategy to publication, and they do so with the appropriate customer focus and with the quality that fits our organisation and that our customers expect from us.

Bob A. Marketing Manager Benelux


    Work with content creators who live and write locally.

    Get content made locally. We work in over 15 languages.

    • And in more than 20 countries.
    • Produced locally
    • In over 15 languages

    Our selection process

    We are a quality-first company. Mediaforta selects only the best content creators from its network. Our effective selection process ensures that you will be working with the most talented content creators available.


    Within our network, we look for candidates with the required native language and the necessary specialisations and skills. We then refine the selection, to choose the best candidates.


    In one-to-one, in-depth interviews, we verify the candidate’s specialisations. We also build an accurate picture of candidates' interests, drives and personality.


    In this phase, candidates complete several test projects, based on the work the candidate is expected to do. The tests reflect their knowledge, professionalism and commitment.


    5% best content creators from our international network

    Mediaforta has a unique global network of first-rate content creators. Our network is home to copywriters, translators, UX writers, video reporters, social media managers, illustrators and designers and other creatives—each with an exceptional professional background. With our network, agency and software platform – and the integrity that underpins them – we help top companies make their content marketing a success.

    Wondering how we can make your business grow faster, too?

    Tap into our experience, vision and expertise. We’ll get acquainted in a video call and show you why excellent content is the way to digitally connect with your target audience. Using real-world cases, we will demonstrate how we help our clients generate more leads and more sales. Want to find out more?

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