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    Our approach


    In this phase, we get to know your brand better. We aim to accurately assess where your digital content marketing is currently stands on our maturity model. We take a deep dive into available data and existing studies to get to know the target group (buyer persona) better and we review any other available intelligence.

    Target group and buyer journey

    Through a series of workshops, we identify the target group and all digital touchpoints. This enables us to communicate with your buyers in a very targeted way.

    Data-driven content marketing plan

    Once we have mapped out the target group and its buyer journey, we start defining SMART objectives. What do we want to achieve? By when? And by what means? Based on a data analysis, we outline all the actions required for achieving the objectives contained in content marketing plan.

    Content calendar

    We then create a content calendar and bring together a dedicated content team. We schedule the different content formats to be deployed: blog posts, white papers, infographics, video production, podcasts, etc.


    Based on the content calendar, we put together a dedicated content team. We select the best content creators from our international network. That’s how we ensure that we create outstanding content.


    Blogs are a digital platforms for presenting all your content to your target group. Chances are your prospects will discover your brand for the first time through your blog. Which is why it is critical to spend sufficient time and attention on it. Mediaforta has been building blogs for its clients for more than 10 years. Find out how and why we create excellent blogs.

    Landing pages and CTAs

    We build landing pages and CTAs that optimally convert. The purpose of these pages is to collect the visitor’s data.


    Good content must be findable by your target audience. SEO maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the organic reach for all your content. Our SEO specialists develop a SEO strategy based on keyword analysis.


    Social media plan

    Which social media platforms are we going to use? Why are we doing this? What do we want to achieve? We outline all these aspects and more in the social media plan.


    Email marketing

    We define the different types of newsletters: their purpose, frequency, target audience and content. We build email templates and send out our first mailings. We then make any adjustments, if necessary, based on the generated data.


    Conversion-driven marketing automation

    We automate your marketing actions, reinforce the customer journey and generate more leads using automated marketing. We are experts in HubSpot, ClickDimensions and ActiveCampaign.


    Paid promotion (for example, Adwords and display)

    We set up paid-content promotional campaigns to bring your content and services to the attention of the target audience. We select which paid media to use depending on the budget and objectives. Creation of a full series of short-term campaigns follows, to test what works and what does not work. Based on these tests, the entire digital promotion plan is further developed and finalised.

    Analyse and adjust

    Based on the data generated, we report on which actions and content have worked and which have not. We make proposals for further optimisation in order to achieve the objectives.


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