How we work

1. Internal content analysis

To build a clear picture of your company and your activities, we carry out a content analysis. We do this to get to know your brand better. This involves us delving into the existing content, the available data, the DNA of your brand, etc.

2. Defining the target group

Who do you want to reach with your blog posts? We clearly define the target group using a buyer persona. Using the buyer journey, we map out both the touchpoints and the corresponding content needs.

3. Keyword analysis

To pinpoint the objectives and the selected target group, we carry out a keyword analysis. We map out the search terms that your target group enters.

4. Content calendar

Based on the target group, the objectives, the keywords, the budget and other factors, we put together a content calendar. In this calendar, we determine for whom we are going to write, what the goal is and when the blog posts must be published.

5. Putting together a content team

Writing blog posts on specialised topics is Mediaforta’s speciality. In this phase, we assemble a dedicated team of the best content creators.

6. Measuring and adjusting

When the first blog posts are published, we measure the impact based on data. What content is working? What content needs to be adjusted? What content is missing?

  • Blogposts and whitepapers for ING

    Read how we implemented impactful content strategy and content production.

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    Blogposts and whitepapers for ING

    Why use blogs?

    Create thought leadership within a field

    Publishing relevant blogs will allow your company to develop into an expert in a particular field. By working with blogs, you are not only saying that you are an expert, you are also showing it by sharing useful information.

    Be found

    By discussing relevant topics in your blog, you can directly answer questions from potential customers. This enables you to be found more often in searches.

    Create interesting content for your social media

    Business blogs ensure that you continually have a new stream of content for your social media platforms. The more active you are, the better you score on these platforms.

    Increase trust

    By positioning yourself as an expert in a field, customers will have a higher degree of confidence in your company. This encourages customers to choose your company over the competition, because who doesn’t want to work with an expert?

    Improve your lead generation

    Every article you publish is an opportunity to generate leads. Blogs contain multiple calls-to-action to gather user information and create new leads.

    Boost link sharing

    Useful content is often shared by both users and other websites, which is how blogs help increase your website traffic.


    How do you make a great blog?

    • After reading this whitepaper you’ll understand:
    • The advantages of using WordPress
    • What to look out for when making a blog
    • Find out how Mediaforta builds blogs — step by step
    • Case studies from some of our clients

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