From concept to detailed infographic

Mediaforta werkt met een internationaal netwerk van uitzonderlijke designers en illustratoren. Zij maken voor onze klanten impactvolle infografieken. Ontdek hoe wij dit aanpakken.

1. Embedding in marketing strategy

In this phase, we determine what the infographic should do within our content marketing mix. How can we deploy the infographics in the best possible way? Which platforms are used? What are the objectives? Who do we want to reach?

2. Analysing content

Good information is critical to creating relevant infographics. We analyse the available content, reports or other sources. From this we select the most valuable elements and formulate a number of relevant topics.

3. Designing the wireframe

The infographic must be informative and convincing. Wireframes are designed to set the structure of the infographic.


4. Applying corporate identity

The company’s corporate identity is reflected in the design of the infographics.

5. Measuring and adjusting

The performance of the infographics is closely monitored and adjusted, where necessary.

    Why use infographics?

    Get attention

    Infographics are formatted in your company’s house style, so readers immediately make the association with your company or your services.



    Infographics get shared

    Because they provide relevant information (quickly), infographics are widely shared on business social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. This can increase your reach.


    Source of accessible information

    Infographics provide useful or interesting information in an uncomplicated package. It makes complex information accessible to the average user.


    More memorable

    Visual information is generally better remembered than textual information. So, infographics leave a lasting impression on readers.

    Boost your SEO results

    Good infographics are a magnet for attracting external links to your website, which increases your site’s authority and results in a better search result score.

    Increase your authority

    By sharing relevant figures and interesting facts with infographics, you can provide thought leadership in a particular industry.

    Mediaforta is a professional, knowledgeable, actively involved content agency with whom we've been working well with for years. Since we started working with Mediaforta our website visitor numbers and leads have risen enormously.


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