More leads and sales through a professional blog

Attract the right prospects and convert them via your blog.

Enhanced customer experience

A professional, responsive, stable, attractive, interactive and easy-reading blog enhances customer experience.

SEO friendly

A technically solid blog that fulfils a set of specific criteria means that Google will find its content rapidly.

More visitors

A well-made blog not only delivers more visitors, it will also have them returning regularly.

Valuable data

A blog generates a lot of data. We link this data to marketing automation tools.

Lead generation

Professional blogs are ideal for generating leads. They have a variety of conversion points that produce new leads.

Transparency and intelligibility

Well-structured blogs mean prospects find the content they’re looking for, quickly.


How do you make a great blog?

  • After reading this whitepaper you’ll understand:
  • The advantages of using WordPress
  • What to look out for when making a blog
  • Find out how Mediaforta builds blogs — step by step
  • Case studies from some of our clients

Our successful approach

As a specialist content company, we know the must-haves for making a successful blog.

Define your objectives clearly

What function must the blog fulfill? Who does it need to reach? In which languages? What content must it include? This phase involves us taking stock of the objectives.

Creating copy

UX, copy, promotional copy … all the copy needed for the blog is written in this phase.

Making wireframes

The objectives are the drivers for designing the wireframes. These form the initial ‘sketches’ for the blog’s structural look.

Valuable data

Mediaforta is a specialist in WordPress. WordPress is a secure and user-friendly software specially developed for making blogs. Scores of large international firms use this software for their blogs.

Evolving designs

Once the wireframes are ready, our web and UX designers get to work on designing the blog. Both the objectives and the company’s visual identity are factored into the design.


After extensive testing, the blog can go live. From that point on, the blog is continuously optimised for speed, stability and security.

    Communication with the Mediaforta team runs very smoothly and we keep on challenging each other. It's not for nothing that we've been pooling our talents for 4 years now!



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