8 steps to a social media plan with impact

1. SMART objectives

Set SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound. In other words, carefully map out what you want to achieve with your social media.

2. Content creation

Create strong, easy-to-consume content that is tailored to your target group, your brand and your objectives. Use this content to create engagement and interaction with your target group.

3. Clear target group

Clearly define your target group to avoid wasted budgets and effort.

4. Community management

Draw up a roadmap for community management. In it, you set out how you are going to respond to certain reactions.

5. Determine your social media mix

Choose which social media you want to use and which you do not. Avoid making your media mix too large in order to keep it manageable.

6. Promote

Increase your reach and promote the social media content to your target group in a targeted way.

7. Content calendar

Plan which content you are going to produce by using a content calendar for your social media. This calendar will provide a clear overview of when you are going to publish what content for which target group and on which media.

8. Measure

Measure and make adjustments to achieve your objectives. Thanks to a continuous analysis of the data, we generate insights and adjust our plan accordingly. What content works and what does not? What effect are our advertisements having? What are the reactions to the content? What is being said about our brand?



    Why use social media?

    Your target group is also on social media

    Social media are a platform for getting in touch with your target group.


    The modern consumer expects to be able to respond to what you publish.

    More visitors

    Generate traffic for your content or blog. Social media can be a way to generate more visitors for your blog, for your website or for your landing pages.

    Recruit employees

    Many brands use social media to recruit employees.

    Highly targeted

    Social media offer the opportunity to fine-tune your advertising.

    Measurable results

    Social media provide a lot of data that give insights into the results of your actions.

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