Mediaforta is an extension of our organisation—an extra resource for our department when it comes to content creation, content strategy and publication. They take care of the entire process, from strategy to publication, and they do so with the appropriate customer focus and with the quality that fits our organisation and that our customers expect from us.

Bob Adams

Bob A. Marketing manager Benelux


The copywriters at Mediaforta know their craft. Every blog post is clear and fluently written. They also have an eye for interlinking, which is a nice bonus for a content platform like ours.

Yves VK

Yves VK Digital Marketeer

Colruyt Group

We have been working with Mediaforta since 2004. Their relevant and good content enabled us to give full expression to our Pittman Academy brand. Mediaforta is a flexible partner. We are very satisfied with our cooperation.”

Joke Vandepitte

Joke P. CEO

Pittman Seafoods

For our B2B communication, we rely on Mediaforta’s writing talent. From informing existing customers about the latest HR news to creating brand awareness and attracting new customers through whitepapers or e-books: for every stage of our communication strategy, we can count on the high-quality work of a passionate team.”

Davy Asap

Davy V. Digital Content Marketeer


As a family-run company in the vanguard of the technology sector, Cegeka offers a wide range of IT solutions. We value the fact that we have found, through Mediaforta, a permanent team of copywriters to work with. Each one is specialised in a different IT branch, with a good grasp of technical aspects and the ability to write about them clearly.

Stacy Cegeka

Stacy D. Segment Marketing Manager


We’ve called on Mediaforta for specific digital profiles numerous times at VELUX and we have never been disappointed. Mediaforta does everything possible to send us the right candidate and to keep them up to date with the current trends. We are really pleased with the cooperation.



Communication with the Mediaforta team runs very smoothly and we keep on challenging each other. It’s not for nothing that we’ve been pooling our talents for 4 years now!



We’ve been working with Mediaforta for 5 years on projects as varied as the development of a content strategy for investments, the creation of whitepapers for businesspeople or the SEO audit of the website, etc. We are very satisfied with the collaboration!

CĂ©cilia B.


Mediaforta provided a framework that became the foundation for us really learning to think about the type of content we had to create for specific phases of the buyer journey and for specific personas. In short, thanks to Mediaforta, we now have a tangible tool for designing a very targeted content marketing strategy and for customising it to our target audiences.



Why our clients like to work with us

Screened content marketers

Based on your needs, we screen content marketers in our network. That is how we can guarantee you the right candidate, to work either remotely or at your office.

Remote our at your office

The content marketer can work at your office or remotely. You decide what works best for you.


Choose the arrangement that suits you best: hourly, daily, part- or full-time. You can always adjust this later.

Straightforward collaboration

Tell us what you need and we take care of the rest, so you can focus on growing your business.

Content marketing specialists

With more than 15 years of experience in content marketing, our experts are quick to understand your goals and needs.

Work with a specialist

Mediaforta focuses solely on content creators and content marketers. That’s what makes us specialists.

Content marketers for all your projects

Create impactful content through a data-driven content marketing strategy. Our freelance content marketers will not only show you the way but also help bring your vision to life.

Discover our content marketers

Our network consists of more than 1.000 content marketing professionals, including numerous content marketers.

How we stand out from the rest

  Agencies In-house Marketplace
Quick to find the right content creator for your brand Fast Slow - Fast
Content for complex subjects High Low Low (Has the knowledge, but is not capable of creating good content) High
Talent level 5% best content creators from our international network Average Low Unsure
Managed services
Okay Okay Okay
Content production knowledge High Average Low High
Own tools ContentRockr Avoid content chaos None None None

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