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About the client

Luminus is an important electricity producer and supplier in the Belgian market. The company has approximately 1,800 employees in Belgium.


The challenge

Luminus didn’t start inbound marketing until 2016. But at that point, Luminus became aware that it could boost the loyalty of its customers and generate new leads and sales through digital content marketing. It chose Mediaforta to help Luminus realize these ambitions.

Our approach

Content marketing strategy

Success is impossible without a clear strategy. After an extensive analysis, in which we got to know Luminus, its customers and objectives better, we developed a complete content marketing strategy.

Content creation

The design of the content calendar was based mainly on the objectives, budget and the funnel. We brought together a dedicated editorial team using our network of specialized content creators. The team ensured a steady stream of new content that appealed to the target audience: blog posts, whitepapers, content for newsletters, etc.

This varied from micro learnings on how to build up savings to specialized items on, for example, insulation for boilers – but always geared for a broad target audience. All content was delivered in two languages.


Luminus did not yet have a blog for publishing its content. Mediaforta built Luminus’ blog from end to end. Mediaforta has a wealth of experience making blogs and shared the knowledge with Luminus. We began with clear wireframes and went on to work through the entire design.

After design approval the blog was coded in WordPress. Mediaforta is also responsible for the ongoing optimisation and technical maintenance of the blog.


Luminus uses its content to communicate its thought leadership, to generate loyalty among its existing customers and to win new leads. All the KPIs were achieved. We provide Luminus with an analysis of the past month’s performance each month.

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