Mediaforta is an extension of our organisation—an extra resource for our department when it comes to content creation, content strategy and publication. They take care of the entire process, from strategy to publication, and they do so with the appropriate customer focus and with the quality that fits our organisation and that our customers expect from us.

Bob Adams

Bob A. Marketing manager Benelux


Communication with the Mediaforta team runs very smoothly and we keep on challenging each other. It’s not for nothing that we’ve been pooling our talents for 4 years now!



“We have worked with Mediaforta many times. The team needed only half a word to get started. Even technical subjects are written about in an easy-to-read and comprehensible way. It’s also the right place to go for superlative translation and design services. And it is convenient for us to have a dedicated contact person within Mediaforta. That ensures peace of mind.”

Ilse D. Strategic Marketer


We have been working with Mediaforta since 2004. Their relevant and good content enabled us to give full expression to our Pittman Academy brand. Mediaforta is a flexible partner. We are very satisfied with our cooperation.”

Joke Vandepitte

Joke P. CEO

Pittman Seafoods

Discover our technical content creators

More than 1000 specialized content creators are part of our network.

  • David

    ""I am a highly skilled writer with a very strong background in Engineering and Materials Science, but am just as capable at producing creative content for any area of business. I have a superb vocabulary and a very fertile imagination. My writing can be humorous or serious as required, but is always intelligent." "

  • Roel

    ""Een technisch onderwerp bestuderen, begrijpen en verstaanbaar maken voor het doelpubliek? Mijn favoriete uitdaging!" "

  • Liam

    "Liam provides specialist technical and marketing content across the chemical, life science, materials, nanotechnology and electronics industries'"

  • Ben

    ""Deeply rooted in STEM, I specialize in transforming technical complexities into engaging, compelling content. My versatility spans copywriting, blogs, UX writing, and more, all underpinned by robust experience.""

International lead generation

At Mediaforta we believe that highly personalised campaigns get better results.

Work with experts

Work with our international marketing experts. Mediaforta has built up a great deal of expertise in the industrial sector over the years.

Work with top editors who really understand your business

Call on our international network of industry-specific, expert content creators from more than 20 countries. Get content that is also in line with local culture and local regulations.

Construct an impactful digital content marketing strategy

Implement an international digital content marketing strategy that focuses on clearly defined objectives.

Win international market share

Generate more international leads through an intelligent combination of content, creativity, technology and data.

Brilliant content

Mediaforta has specialized editors in its network who provide great content.

Content experts in your office

Strengthen your content marketing team or web editorial team when you need to. Have digital content specialists with sector knowledge come to work at your office.

Boost your B2B content marketing

We believe the future of working is global, agile and hybrid. And we believe a good team is the key difference. By combining our international network of exceptional talent with our deep knowledge of building successful content marketing teams, we can help you produce successful content marketing.

  • 1000+ content creators & content marketers
  • 35+ Specialty fields
  • 15+ Countries
  • 20.000+ Blogposts written
  • 95% Customer score*
  • 10+ Languages

Our freelancers have worked for companies such as

* Based on an annual customer satisfaction survey by Mediaforta

  • PVI

    International content strategy, content creation and lead creation for PVI

    PVI is a Northern French company making industrial cranes since 1929.

    • Content production
    • Content promotion
    • Content strategy
    International content strategy, content creation and lead creation for PVI
    International content strategy, content creation and lead creation for PVI


    Successfully strengthen the customer journey in B2B with content

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