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Content is a great way to reach your leads. It creates extra awareness for your brand and it also demonstrates your thought leadership. Take a look at the story of ING, who needed relevant content for its target audience.

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  • Blogposts and whitepapers for ING

    Read how we implemented impactful content strategy and content production.

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    Blogposts and whitepapers for ING

    What Mediaforta does for banks

    At Mediaforta we believe that highly personalised campaigns get better results.

    Work with experts

    Work with financial marketing experts. Mediaforta has built up a great deal of banking sector expertise over many years.

    Work with the best financial editors

    Call on our international network of financial editors in more than 20 countries. Get financial content that is in line with the local culture and with local regulations.

    Create an impactful content marketing strategy

    Implement a digital content marketing strategy that focuses on the bank’s practical objectives.

    Win market share

    Generate more leads with an intelligent mix of financial content, creativity, technology and data.

    Great content created by specialists

    Mediaforta has specialised financial editors in its network, who make sure banks get the content they need.

    Financial experts working in your office

    Bolster your content marketing or web editorial team temporarily. Digital content specialists knowledgeable about the financial sector, whenever you need them.

    White paper

    Driving Business Growth Through Account-based Marketing

    • What is Account-based Marketing (ABM)?
    • The goal of account-based marketing
    • The advantages and disadvantages of ABM
    • A 6-Step plan for setting up your ABM
    • Tools you can use
    Cécilia Bernadou

    We’ve been working with Mediaforta for 5 years on projects as varied as the development of a content strategy for investments, the creation of whitepapers for businesspeople or the SEO audit of the website, etc. We are very satisfied with the collaboration!

    Cécilia B.


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