How we work

1. Define a clear objective

What is the purpose of the podcast? Who should it reach? Are you aiming for a national or an international audience? In this phase we define a number of basic objectives.

2. List relevant themes

On the basis of the business activities and intended aims, we identify a number of engaging themes for the target group.

3. Search for guest speakers: internally and externally

After defining a few themes, we look for suitable guest speakers. The scope of this search is both in-house and beyond.

4. Draw up a marketing plan for podcasts

Based on your current marketing strategy, we create the necessary content to shine a light on the podcasts across various platforms.

5. Create a blueprint for podcasts

How do we incorporate the house style? How do we start the podcasts? What music do we use? Do we create an audio logo? How will the podcast be structured? In this phase we create the blueprint for a successful podcast.

6. Embed the podcasts in the website

The final step sees the produced podcasts embedded in the website. Here, we take the visual identity of the website into account. We also write the appropriate copy.


    Why use blogs?

    Podcasts are popular

    Podcasts are extremely popular. In recent years, the medium has seen an enormous increase in listeners. Podcasts are an ideal way to fill time spent commuting or to listen to during your break. Because they are so easy to consume, their popularity continues to grow.

    Create knowledge leadership

    By using your podcasts to explore relevant topics extensively, you are showcasing your company’s expertise in a certain subject. This enables you to create knowledge leadership within your industry.

    Improve your SEO results

    When people search for podcasts on a particular topic, there’s a good chance that they’ll end up on your website. This will improve your SEO results.

    Increase social sharing numbers

    Because podcasts are often useful and/or entertaining, they are often shared by listeners who recommend them to colleagues or acquaintances.

    Podcasts are easy and fast

    Podcasts are generally quicker and easier to produce than most types of content. All you need is your equipment, a speaker and a basic script that can be reused. This makes them very time and cost effective.

    Reach new audiences

    Research shows that podcasts are mainly listened to by a younger, highly educated target audience. This allows you to reach new potential customers who might not have found your company otherwise.

    Mediaforta is a professional, knowledgeable, actively involved content agency with whom we've been working well with for years. Since we started working with Mediaforta our website visitor numbers and leads have risen enormously.


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