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About the client

Pittman is a Belgian family-run SME with around 30 employees. The company specialises in deep-freeze products.


The challenge

In 2014, Pittman realised that digital content marketing could strengthen relationships with existing customers. It was also a way to share their knowledge and expertise with customers and to become recognised as an expert. To do this, Pittman chose to partner with Mediaforta.

What did we deliver?

Our approach

International content creation

Pittman is active in different countries. To reach their target audience, they needed good content that would showcase their thought leadership to existing customers and prospects. The fish industry is a very niche sector and it was important that the substantive content was of a high standard. To achieve this, Mediaforta used its international network to put together an editorial team that understood Pittman’s industry. Mediaforta produced blog posts for Pittman Seafoods in four languages ​​(English, French, Dutch and German).

Email marketing

Pittman now had content, but it was also critical to ensure that that content was seen by customers and prospects. To accomplish this, we developed and implemented an email marketing strategy.

Blog building

Pittman did not have a blog where it could publish its content. Together with Pittman we developed a new blog in four languages. Mediaforta fulfilled the entire project, from wireframes and design to WordPress coding. We also provided maintenance and optimisation for the blog.


Pittman can feature a blog containing more than 100 blogposts in four languages ​​and use it to show its expertise as well as to assist and further educate its customers.


  • International content production for Pittman Seafoods

    Discover how we raised Pittman Seafoods’ thought leadership profile with specialised content in 4 different languages.

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