How we work

1. Analysis

We carry out a thorough, internal analysis of your company and its activities to build a clear picture of it, and to determine appropriate topics for webinars.

2. Strategic positioning of the webinar

We set a few objectives for the webinars. Who do you want to achieve? What is the goal? How many viewers are we aiming for?

3. Identify possible topics

Based on the themes we compiled in the internal analysis, we jointly choose a number of topics that are both current and relevant.

 4. Find suitable speakers

We analyse the company’s workforce to see if an interesting webinar could be made with the involvement of in-house employees. For additional sessions, we can fall back on our guest speaker database.

5. Select a platform and style

Zoom, Teams, Google Meet are just a few of the many different platforms, but which one suits your company and its goals best? In this phase we also create a unique design for the webinars and provide promotional content.

6. Testing, testing and more testing

Once everything is set up, we begin an extensive testing process to ensure that the webinar is conducted in a professional manner.

    Why use webinars?

    Personal contact with your target group

    By presenting live to your target audience, your company gets a face. This gives your (potential) customers the chance to get to know you better and improves relationships with existing customers.

    Interact with interested parties

    (Potential) customers who are interested in a specific service will attend relevant webinars. This gives you the chance to directly respond to their questions and wishes.

    Greater reach

    Webinars on popular topics attract large audiences because there truly is something to learn. A webinar gives your business exposure beyond your usual platforms.

    High quality leads and data

    Users who want to attend a webinar are required to provide their contact information. This information then enters your CRM or marketing automation software.

    Knowledge leadership

    When your company organises webinars and shares knowledge, it is showcasing expertise in a specific subject area. Professional webinars ensure that you are seen as a knowledge leader in your sector.

    Mediaforta is a professional, knowledgeable, actively involved content agency with whom we've been working well with for years. Since we started working with Mediaforta our website visitor numbers and leads have risen enormously.


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