How we work

1. Define the goal

Who do we want to achieve with our whitepapers? What problem do we want to solve for our target group? In this phase we define the target group and the subject.


2. Establish topics

We compile a list of engaging, current topics that fit within the themes defined in the analysis phase.

3. Strategic implementation

We implement the whitepapers within the company’s current marketing strategy and based on several predetermined objectives.


4. Design wireframe

In consultation with the client, we make a rough outline of the whitepaper, in line with the company’s house style and the predetermined objectives.


5. Create content

From our international network, we select a team of the best and most specialised content creators with knowledge in the subject area. They may be copywriters, but could also include video journalists, chief editors, SEO specialists, designers and others.

6. Implement whitepapers on your website

We implement the whitepapers on your website and make sure that users can easily give their information to download them. These data are stored in your CRM system or marketing automation tool.


    Why use whitepapers?

    Generate high quality leads

    Potential customers looking for information can benefit from a quality whitepaper. By helping them early on in the sales funnel, you create quality leads that you can follow up on later.

    Attract the right target group

    By tailoring the content of your white paper to certain job profiles and target groups you will be able to attract decision-makers within a company.

    Create knowledge leadership

    Whitepapers serve as a vehicle for demonstrating your knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. They show your company as a specialist in a specific area.

    Increase social sharing numbers

    Because of their high quality content, whitepapers will be shared often, both among colleagues and with externals, which means your company will enjoy extra traffic.


    By promoting your whitepapers, your brand becomes more visible to your target audience.


    Why your content marketing is not working

    After reading this whitepaper you’ll understand:


    • How to structure your strategy
    • How to make your content marketing more successful
    • How to avoid the pitfalls
    • How to elevate your content to a higher level
    • Dos and don’ts

    Mediaforta is a professional, knowledgeable, actively involved content agency with whom we've been working well with for years. Since we started working with Mediaforta our website visitor numbers and leads have risen enormously.


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