About the client

bpost International is part of bpost with services that include international delivery of packages for all kinds of e-commerce solutions.


The challenge

bpost International was looking for a content partner who understood their business and could translate that knowledge into relevant content for their international target audience.

Their main objective was to promote their thought leadership to their existing international customers and to prospects. bpost International chose Mediaforta as their content partner for this challenge.

What did we deliver?

Our approach

Dedicated content team

Content production was quite a challenge because bpost had no source material we could draw on to create relevant content.

Mediaforta has an international network of more than 3,000 content creators. From our network, we selected various specialists with broad knowledge and expertise in making content for the logistics sector. The editorial team consisted of American, German and French copywriters.

Content agenda

We put together a content agenda based on elements that included the target audience, the objectives and SEO.

Content production

After creating the content agenda, we began on the content production in four languages (Dutch, French, German and English).

Written content included blogposts and whitepapers and Mediaforta ensured that this content met the high standards that bpost expected for profiling their thought leadership.


bpost International was able to share well-informed content with its customers and prospects. The content was distributed via a blog and newsletters.

Mediaforta worked for this client for more than three years, until bpost was taken over by International Landmark Global and relocated to the US.

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