Why collaborate with a technical writer?

1. Your sector is complex

Do you provide goods or services in a niche sector? Whether you supply software, produce electronics, provide fire protection, or are in the world of IT, finance, telecoms or construction: a copywriter with technical experience can interpret that complexity into clear texts.

2. You also need to win over customers who do not have specialised knowledge

A technical copywriter combines commercial and explanatory writing. Depending on who you want to reach and for what purpose, clarification can be as important as persuasion. A specialised copywriter avoids jargon and explains difficult subjects in an understandable way.

3. You are looking for someone for all your technical content

Clarity is the top priority in manuals and product specifications. You need to persuade potential customers in your email marketing, advertisements and press releases. Your blog articles, testimonials, white papers, landing pages and e-books need to combine conversion and clear communication.

4. Your B2B and B2C communication should differ sufficiently

As a technical company, how you communicate with other companies differs from how you message retail customers. A copywriter with a technical background researches your target group’s level of previous knowledge before writing the requested copy.

Bob Adams

Mediaforta is an extension of our organisation—an extra resource for our department when it comes to content creation, content strategy and publication. They take care of the entire process, from strategy to publication, and they do so with the appropriate customer focus and with the quality that fits our organisation and that our customers expect from us.

Bob A. Marketing manager Benelux


    How we work

    1. Analysis of your brief

    We analyse both your existing content and your briefing to us to get a picture of your brand, your company, your operations and the technical knowledge required in order to write for you. We will also define your target audience(s) as buyer personas and map out their content needs.

    2. Build your expert team

    Once we know your needs, we put together a dedicated team of the best content creators and specialists in your niche sector.

    3. Keyword analysis

    We compile the search terms used by your target group. Based on this extensive keyword analysis as well as your input, we thoroughly brief the technical copywriter(s).

    4. Measurement and adjustment

    Whether it’s blog articles, product manuals or email campaigns: once the initial content has been distributed, we measure its impact. Using reliable data, we dissect and analyse which content is working, as well as what may be missing or needs modification.


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