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Stacy Cegeka

Stacy D.

As a family-run company in the vanguard of the technology sector, Cegeka offers a wide range of IT solutions. We value the fact that we have found, through Mediaforta, a permanent team of copywriters to work with. Each one is specialised in a different IT branch, with a good grasp of technical aspects and the ability to write about them clearly.

Stacy D. Segment Marketing Manager


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    Outstanding IT content generates more visitors, leads and sales


    The cloud delivers countless benefits to businesses, but it is also a complex story. Public, private and hybrid clouds, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IPaaS, containers and hyper-converged infrastructure – very quickly, your customers won’t be able to the wood for the trees. But with the right content, you can share your expertise and help them navigate this complicated landscape.



    Trends follow each other in rapid succession in the IT sector, and it’s even more true of the IT security sector. A constant battle rages between hackers inventing new cyber threats and defenders responding with new, sophisticated tools. Keep your customers informed about the latest trends in cybersecurity.

    Data & AI

    The key role of data in our society can no longer be overlooked. Big data and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, such as machine learning and deep learning, can have an immense impact on businesses. Inspire your customers to apply AI with content on these compelling topics.


    From smart cities to logistics, agriculture and Industry 4.0 – all these sectors stand to gain from internet-connected devices. The IoT (Internet of Things) helps companies run more efficiently and is even the source of completely new business models. Guide your customers through the opportunities that IoT offers with forward-thinking content.


    They are invisible but of critical importance: networks. Whether it’s Wi-Fi, 5G, Ethernet or fibre – without networks, IT applications are impossible. Managing every byte of network traffic also requires a lot of technology, like MPLS, SD-WAN and SDN. Help your customers choose the right technology with content that demystifies networks.

    Software development

    No-code, low-code, Agile, microservices and DevSecOps are all approaches to software development that will require a lot of explanation for non-specialists. Software development is also increasingly done in close collaboration between customer and supplier. Provide your customers the clarification they need to embark on fruitful collaborations.

    Technical writer

    Work with the best IT content creators and content marketers

    Outstanding IT content with the help of the top 5% best IT content creators and content marketers from our international network


    • IT content creators who know your technology
    • IT content creators who are pre-screened in our selection process
    • A content team based on your needs
    • Hire talent flexibly or on a regular basis

    Collaborate with ease

    The development and implementation of your content (marketing) occur under the guidance of a dedicated content account manager. That’s how you can save time, get stand-out content (marketing) and achieve your objectives.

    • No worries
    • Work with experts
    • A dedicated content account manager to organise everything – from A to Z
    • ContentRockr collaboration software
    • Save time
    Internationale copywriters

    International network

    • Over 10 languages
    • IT content: blog posts, white papers, social media and more
    • International content strategy, content creation and lead creation for Datalliance

      Datalliance is an American VMI software platform. Datalliance was looking for a lead creation partner in Europe.

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      International content strategy, content creation and lead creation for Datalliance

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