About the client

Datalliance is an American software company specialising in VMI (vendor management inventory software).  Software that optimises the supply chain.

The challenge

Lead generation

Generate high-quality leads for the European market. Datalliance had already been operating in the European market for a while, but their online lead generation was not going to plan. That is why Datalliance called in Mediaforta.

What did we deliver?

Our approach

Following a content and data analysis, we developed an international digital content marketing plan. In its first phase, the plan focussed on the French, German and English markets. Concrete objectives were linked to clear activities in the plan.

Content production

VMI is a complex topic to write good content for. Mediaforta delivered high-quality blogposts, whitepapers, emails, infographics, etc. The content was always delivered in four languages: Dutch, French, English and German. Datalliance was able to communicate its thought leadership and create leads with this content.

Building a blog

Mediaforta built a blog so that its content was easy to consume and share.

Marketing automation

Mediaforta developed various workflows with the aim of becoming top of mind with the target audience. To do this we built different email templates and integrated them in Datalliance’s marketing automation tool.

Conversion optimisation

Mediaforta built different landing pages to further optimise conversions.

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