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The challenge

For years, quality products and rapid delivery have been at the heart of Solucious. And the company’s communications reflect that. That’s also why Solucious could only ever be satisfied with a partner that can punctually deliver high-quality content across multiple channels.

Action plan

For Solucious, we selected an extensive team of content creators that we can depend on. That way, we are always able to provide Solucious with the required content, promptly. The content account manager functions as SPOC, ensuring transparent and smooth communications between all stakeholders, at all times.


Today, as ever, our team is on stand-by to deal with Solucious’ ad hoc assignments. That means, all content is delivered, as agreed, every time: from blogs about campaigns to updates of existing content.

About Solucious

As part of Colruyt Group, Solucious is a 100%-Belgian food service partner. The company offers a wide range of food and non-food products to the catering industry, institutional kitchens and companies without catering facilities. Solucious serves more than 15,000 customers in Belgium and currently has approximately 600 employees.

The Challenge

Quick delivery, without compromising on quality

It soon became clear that Solucious expects a high level of flexibility from its partners. For this client, a combination of quality and fast delivery is paramount. Happily, that is one of Mediaforta’s strongest qualities.

Action plan

Assembling a flexible and knowledgeable content team

When we brought the team together for this client, we selected experienced copywriters, translators and layouters. People we can count on. Together with the Solucious team, we immersed ourselves in the company’s preferred trade terminology and house style to create a reference for use with every assignment.

Multi-purpose content 

It is also important that our content creators can effortlessly adopt the ‘tone of voice’ appropriate for each channel and target audience. After all, a campaign targeting youth movements requires a very different approach to an email message about a temporary stock shortage. 

Some of the assignments we have delivered for Solucious include:

  • Writing blogs, web texts, testimonials, mailings, news items and campaigns
  • Annual updates and design of Solucious’ tender dossier
  • Annual updates and design of the delivery team brochure 
  • Content for the ‘Solucious Gazet’ informational newspaper
  • Publicity creation
  • Partner packages in an attractive format; both textually and visually.


Our relationship with Solucious is a long-standing partnership. The team knows it can count on Mediaforta when new content is needed quickly. We have grown with our client over the years, so that the communication between the dedicated content account manager and the client runs very smoothly. And with our extensive network, we always have competent content creators available, so we are always able to say to Solucious, ‘Yes, we can do that,’ with confidence.

We have worked with Mediaforta quite often. The team needs just a few sentences to get started. Even technical subjects are written about in an easy-to-read and comprehensible way. It’s also the right place to go for superlative translation and design services. And it is convenient for us to have a dedicated contact person within Mediaforta, which gives us peace of mind.
Ilse De Dobbeleer
Strategic Marketer at Solucious

What we did

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