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The challenge

Designing an impactful landing page about electric driving.

Plan of action

We primarily focus on a dynamic design with a lot of video testimonials and we also tailored our message to the three target audiences.


A satisfied customer and high-quality website visitors who have a strong interest in electric driving.

About Luminus

As a major player in electricity generation within Belgium and the top producer of onshore wind and hydro power, Luminus wants to contribute to the energy transition. It does this by offering its customers innovative solutions in energy efficiency, and through large-scale investments in renewable energy.

Luminus recently switched its own company fleet to electric vehicles.


Joining everything up

The biggest challenge in this project was coordinating and aligning the various elements: creating videos, designing the landing page, and writing copy for the page in two languages. An overall action plan was required: how do we tackle it all, what are the things we want to communicate and what should happen when?

For Luminus, it was also important that its landing page separately addressed three different target groups: fleet managers wanting to change over to electric vehicles, employees of large companies with queries about going electric, and self-employed people and smaller companies.

Action plan

Bringing together a diverse team

For this project, we were able to make good use of our extensive network of content creators. We brought together a team of video makers, copywriters, translators, proofreaders and designers.

Setting up the wireframes

Initially, we drew up the wireframes for the landing page. After approval, we got to work on the design and content production.

Making videos

We then worked on the videos in which various people at Luminus tell their story – from the fleet manager and the facility manager to a few employees who drive electric cars. We assessed which questions we wanted answers to in the videos and designed the questions accordingly. The interviews were scheduled – including exterior and interior shots – and we drew up a storyboard.

Designing the landing page layout

Meanwhile, a designer went to work on the landing page layout, based on Luminus’ brand style. We opted for a dynamic design combining multimedia and blocks of brief text, to create a compelling experience and to keep visitors’ attention.

Three separate target groups

The decision was soon made to link from the main page to the three separate detail pages for the different target groups – each with different videos and a separate CTA linking to the charging solutions. This allowed us to fully focus on the specific questions and needs of each target group.

For the fleet manager, the questions were:

  • why switch to an electric fleet?
  • How did Luminus tackle the switch to electric cars?
  • What obstacles were encountered during the changeover?
  • What are the tax advantages of an electric vehicle fleet?

For employees of large companies, the questions involved were:

  • What is the range of an electric car?
  • Where and how can I charge my electric car?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric driving?

The main questions that entrepreneurs had were:

  • What are the tax advantages of an electric company car?
  • Why switch to an electric vehicle?
  • What is the range of an electric car?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of driving an electric vehicle?

Customised approach for target groups

Adopting a customised approach for separate target groups is much more effective than trying to convince everyone with the same generic text.

In fact, that is also why we think it is vital for all our clients to work with buyer personas.

When you know who you are writing for and what their challenges and problems are, you can offer specific solutions and address the reader in a more personal way.

Writing copy

Once the design decisions were made and a structure was in place, high-quality copy had to be written to fit the design. For this, we turned to a copywriter with years of experience of writing blogs for Luminus and who therefore knows the subject matter inside and out.


A satisfied client

"This is really very beautiful, high quality and very well done. In terms of content, it is also very effective. Thank you very much for all the hard work," said Alexandra Pirnay, B2B e-Mobility Go-to-Market Manager at Luminus, after she had seen the landing page layout.
Alexandra Pirnay
B2B e-Mobility Go-to-Market

High-quality visitors

However, just as important as a satisfied customer are the hard numbers and results. Since this landing page has been online, several thousand users have already visited the page and many of them have visited several times. Most arrive at the page through CTAs and links in Luminus’ blogs. They are high quality visitors with have a strong interest in electric driving and they are warmer than the average reader landing on a blog article. Great for conversion and sales, in other words!

Enriching existing blog posts

A nice bonus was that we were also able to deploy the videos again to enrich the existing blog posts about electric driving on the Luminus business-to-business (B2B) blog page. For each one, we linked to the Luminus’ own EV fleet story, using a quote or video clip to make it all a bit more appealing and practical for readers.

If you find yourself wondering how this landing page turned out, feel free to take a look

Lumiworld Electric Driving

What we did

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