About the client

Notify is a technology start-up providing solutions for software developers. Notify’s platform makes it easier to distribute more impactful notification messages. The purpose is to enrich the customer user experience and to gain more prospects. Notify’s target audience is mainly software developers.

What was the challenge?

Notify asked Mediaforta to generate more online visitors, leads and customers.

What did we deliver?

Content strategy

Content production

Content promotion


At the start of the cooperation, we focused on a thorough identification and description of the target audience. What do we want to achieve? What does our ideal customer look like? Based on a number of workshops, we developed the buyer persona and buyer journey. These two elements are the cornerstones for building the content marketing plan.

We went on to investigate how we could optimize the onboarding process even more. How could we ensure that more customers not only registered, but actually used the tool, as well? Ultimately, it is pointless to generate new leads if the onboarding is not entirely on point. One of the challenges with this onboarding process was having a complex product run smoothly, enabling users to test the tool immediately.

After our analysis and recommendations, Notify optimised its onboarding process. We went on to improve the existing website and build an up-to-date blog.

Content agenda

Based on the content marketing plan, the objectives and SEO analysis, we developed a comprehensive content agenda.

Content team

Notify is a technical product aimed at a specialised target audience. That’s why it was vital to assemble a team of content creators who fully understood our client’s business. After a selection process, we curated a group of just the right content creators from our international network.

Content production

Blog posts, whitepaper and social media.

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