Why have an email marketing strategy?

1. Send targeted, personalised messages

Email marketing ensures that your communication is precision-tuned to your target group.

2. Less effort through automation

Stay top of mind with less effort by automating your email marketing.

3. Higher ROI

Because email marketing is a cost-efficient and effective way to contact your target group, it gives you a higher ROI.

4. For all stages of the customer journey

With email marketing, you can send customised content at the right time and for each stage of the buyer journey.

5. Data insights

Email performance is easy to measure. Get instant insights into the behaviour and needs of your prospects and leads using the data available.

6. Email delivers your message

Unlike social media, with email marketing your message actually reaches your entire target group.

    How we work

    1. Objectives

    Together we define a number of practical objectives. Our experts use these as a foundation for designing your email marketing campaigns.

    2. Target group & segmentation

    Properly defining and mapping out your target group is essential to building a sophisticated email marketing strategy. Leads are segmented in your database based on various criteria, such as interests and stage in the customer journey.

    3. Software

    Today, there is an immense range of email marketing software available. We select the tools best suited to your particular objectives and capabilities. Mediaforta has experience with Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Clickdimensions, Active Campaign, Hubspot, Marketing Cloud, Marketo, etc.

    4. Powerful copy & content

    Increase your open rates and CTR (click through rates) with engaging content. Our specialised copywriters create copy and content that engages and convinces (either in Flemish or other languages).

    5. Lead nurturing

    Stay top of mind through lead nurturing. We send the right content to your target group at the right time.

    6. Data analysis

    After every email campaign, we scrutinise all the available data to analyse the campaigns and optimise them for better performance.

    Wondering how we would handle your company’s email marketing? Challenge us.

    As a tech company, we need a marketing partner that understands our market and can help us with our marketing campaigns and write content. Mediaforta has done (and is still doing) a tremendous job helping us setting up and refining this process.

    Geert V.D.



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      Wondering how we would handle the email marketing strategy of your business? Challenge us!

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