About the client

PVI is a Northern French company making industrial cranes since 1929.


The challenge

PVI was looking for a digital lead creation partner, on a European level. The focus markets were Germany and France. Another ambition was staying top of mind with existing customers.

Our approach

After a thorough analysis of the company’s services we developed the buyer persona and the buyer journey. That made it clear to everyone in the company who was the target audience and how we wanted to communicate with them.
The buyer journey gave us a clear image of what the target audience would be expecting at each touchpoint. Using specific objectives, we worked out an international content marketing plan and identified the actions required to achieve those objectives.

PVI’s compact newspaper

One of the objectives of PVI was to return the company to top of mind with their existing customers. To achieve this, we produced a quarterly newspaper that was sent to every PVI customer. The compact newspaper featured PVI’s innovations as well as the individuals behind the company. This gave a human-interest angle to PVI’s news.


The blog we built for PVI in three languages ​​meant that in addition to the newspaper, the company could spread its thought leadership on a continuous basis.

Blog posts

We planned out a content agenda and installed a team of technical copywriters who produced brilliant content in three languages ​​for the B2B target audience (engineers, company owners, etc.).

Email marketing

To promote the content further, Mediaforta developed a newsletter template. That way the content could be easily distributed to all of PVI’s customers.

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