HR-related content for Asap

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The challenge

to create a continuous flow of HR-related B2B content. For example, through blogs on timely aspects of HR, as well as with whitepapers and eBooks.

The action plan

We put together a team of content creators that was knowledgeable about the sector. This gives us an edge in responding to Asap’s queries and in proactively launching our own proposals.


Today, Mediaforta takes care of all of Asap’s content creation needs. It’s not only the expertise that is appreciated – it’s the entire approach, from the easy-to-read translations to the rapid processing of feedback that ContentRockr makes possible.

About Asap

Asap is part of the multinational Asap HR Group that has operated in the staffing sector for more than 40 years. What is the organisation’s mission? To support companies in their search for the ideal candidate and all associated tasks. What Asap does not want is to put extra pressure on the HR department. Its primary aim is to be an efficient extension of client organisations.

The challenge

HR-related content for Asap

Asap Belgium was looking for a partner capable of developing relevant B2B content targeting leads and prospects. Asap aims to use this content to inform existing customers about HR news using blogs, to improve brand awareness and to attract new customers through testimonials and whitepapers. Creating content such as whitepapers requires expertise in gathering accurate and reliable information and developing it into useful reference material.

The action plan

A content team with sector expertise

Mediaforta proposed a team of content creators with the required sector expertise. Before long, the perfect match emerged. “It is very reassuring to know that we will always receive a high-quality, finished text. It is also very noticeable that the team generating the content is knowledgeable and always does the required research,” says Davy Vandenreyt.

At regular intervals, Asap consults with Mediaforta’s content coordinator about current status, the progress of ongoing work as well as potential opportunities, based on current events.


Trusted content partner for full service outsourcing solutions

For our B2B communications, we rely on Mediaforta's writing talent. At every stage of our communication strategy, we can count on the high-quality work of a passionate team
Davy Vandenreyt
Digital Content Marketeer


Over time, Mediaforta has become a trusted content partner for Asap. Again and again, accurately targeted content empowers Asap to convince its B2B partners of its knowledge and dedication.

For Davy Vandenreyt, it is critical for the big picture to also be correct. “For example, giving feedback on copy has been quick and easy using ContentRockr, Mediaforta’s content management tool. We can also trust Mediaforta to provide spotless translations. We consider that full-service solution to be an important asset in our collaboration. In short, for us, Mediaforta is the type of partner we want to be to our customers,” he concludes.

What we did

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