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The challenge

To strengthen its thought leadership, thyssenkrupp Materials needed themed content on specific materials and components.

Action plan

For thyssenkrupp Materials, we selected content creators with technical knowledge and an agile style. We then collaborated with our client to develop a content agenda that would evolve along with the developments within the organisation.


The specialised content not only addresses website visitors. We provided tailored LinkedIn posts, so that customers and prospects would also be able to find the content easily on social media. Finally, our white papers also shine a light thyssenkrup’s thought leadership.

thyssenkrupp Benelux

Globally, thyssenkrupp Materials offers its customers a wide range of products in stainless steel, steel and aluminium. Companies in the metal processing sector rely on the wholesaler for numerous types of materials and operations. In Belgium, roughly 90 employees put their shoulders to the wheel for the firm, while in the Netherlands that number is around 200.


Need for specialised content

Thyssenkrupp was seeking the right kind of content to foreground its thought leadership. Specifically, the company was looking for copy about technical materials and components, such as aluminium, stainless steel or fittings. The content needed to specifically match the programme range thyssenkrupp offers on its website. To write about those topics in a thorough and knowledgeable way, a content team with expertise was needed.

Action plan 

Stringent selection of copywriters 

Within our international network, we searched for technical copywriters with agile pens. For us, that combination is a must. The copywriter must be able to not only understand the client’s business, but also translate the technical material into interesting, nice-to-read blog posts for thyssenkrupp’s customers and prospects.

And for that reason, we conducted a stringent selection process prior to selecting the content creators.

Flexible content agenda 

At the same time, we were brainstorming possible topics with thyssenkrupp.

How did we go about it?

Mediaforta sent a comprehensive list of proposals and the client decided which ones they thought had the most potential for development. From there, we drew up a content agenda. The next step was producing the initial content items at the required time and within the agreed schedule.

Needless to say, we factored in changing circumstances. When the focus of the webshop shifted from aluminium to stainless steel and later still to fittings, we developed alternate content pieces. We also aligned several pre-existing blogs with the new focus in order to ensure that the content on the thyssenkrupp website always remains relevant. We plan, write and monitor content using our in-house software ContentRockr. It enables us to maintain an overview at all times and avoid content chaos.


Blog posts and white papers that enhance thought leadership

The result of our intensive cooperation: a series of specialised, easy-to-read and commercially appealing blog posts, with accompanying LinkedIn posts. Not only was content put in front of website visitors, but interesting content was also made instantly accessible to customers and prospects through social media. We also developed some more in-depth white papers that took thyssenkrupp’s thought leadership within the sector to an even higher level. On top of that, white papers are an exceptionally useful tool for generating additional leads.

Mediaforta is like another branch of our organisation when it comes to content creation, content strategy and publishing. This partner takes the entire process, from strategy to publication, out of our hands. This is done in a very customer-oriented and quality-oriented way, which fits our organisation and what customers expect from us perfectly.
Bob Adams
Marketing manager Benelux, thyssenkrupp

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