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The challenge

Mediaforta was tasked with creating a comprehensive content strategy for Van Marcke Engineering. This included assignments for a new landing page, customised blog content, video testimonials and a brochure.

The action plan

Bit by bit, we overhauled Van Marcke Engineering’s content. First, we developed the content strategy in-house. Then, we selected the right content team for the various sub-assignments from our international network. We had a broad range of requirements, from copywriters to web designers, translators and video specialists.

The outcome

A solid content strategy established the bedrock which then became the foundation for all subsequent work. This approach drove our ability to create maximum impact. The final result was not only a bigger online presence, but above all, a more effective one.

About Van Marcke Engineering

Van Marcke Engineering is an independent research and engineering consultancy firm. Part of the Van Marcke Group, this independent business unit assists clients, draughtspeople and builders of both residential and industrial projects. Customers primarily rely on the company for the preparation and implementation of all types of technical facilities for air conditioning, sanitary facilities and energy.

The challenge

Create greater online visibility

Van Marcke Engineering wanted better visibility and easier findability online. The firm also wanted to draw even more attention to its thought leadership. Mediaforta was well positioned to assist, starting with the development of a complete content strategy.

The action plan

Outlining the content strategy

First things first. We began by identifying who the target group was and what its needs were. Then we developed four buyer personas in consultation with Van Marcke Engineering.

A complete buyer journey was developed for each persona. This included mapping out the various touchpoints. We compiled a list of all the questions and goals for the buyer personas and identified what each one values as important. This is integral because when we know exactly who we are writing for, it is easier to determine the angles of most interest to personas. That is how we are always able to provide Van Marcke Engineering’s (potential) customers with the right content at the right time.

Developing the technical blog posts

Next, we set up keyword research to discover which search intentions scored highly. Meanwhile, we searched our international network for technical editors with knowledge of the subject matter. Using our highly effective selection procedure, we looked for and found the best editors to work with. In consultation with Van Marcke Engineering, a content agenda for the publication of the blogs was created. Additionally, we designed a sleek design for the blogs posted on the website, in order to present them in the best possible light.

Creating a new landing page

Having your own web page is essential if you want an online presence. We prepared the wireframes and designed an attractive landing page, as well as customer-centred copy, tailored to the design.

Visualising testimonials

A testimonial is the perfect way to get potential customers over the line. Don’t tell them how good you are. Instead, have satisfied customers talk about their collaboration with your company. That builds trust. We produced not only written testimonials for our client, but also video testimonials. We had professionals from our network film Van Marcke Engineering’s customers. And by letting different employees also have their say, the story was given a very human touch. After all, images often say more than words. 

Writing and designing a brochure for Van Marcke Prefab

We also wrote a brochure for Van Marcke Prefab, focusing on ready-to-use sanitary installations and energy modules. The brochure was tasked with informing and persuading interested parties about this division’s strengths. We packaged the copy in a powerful layout. Once again, Van Marcke could count on receiving a high quality, ready-to-use result.

Brochure Van Marcke


Strong online presence and more potent thought leadership: check!

The combination of these various initiatives raised Van Marcke Engineering’s online presence to a higher level. Moreover, we made sure that not only the landing page for Van Marcke Engineering, but also the blog articles, the customer testimonials and video testimonials, were systematically delivered in both Dutch and French. That way, Van Marcke did not miss any opportunities to showcase its expertise and thought leadership to all the target groups in our country.

What we did

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